Technology and it’s Impact on Communication.

Technology has changed everyone’s life and changed the way people communicate. Before technology the only way to stay in contact with anyone was to write a letter and mail it or have someone deliver it to the desired recipient, which could take days or even weeks. Currently there are millions of ways to stay in touch and communicate with those around you. Technology has had a significant impact on society and changed the way we do many activities. Not only can you stay in touch with long distance relatives, applications for jobs are now done online, communicating with friends is not limited to meeting up face to face but texting, snapchatting, video blogging are just some of the many ways to connect and communicate with the people around you.

My personal way of communicating with my family is through a group messenger chat, that way I can know who sees my message, can call all of them at the same time and even face time as well. It is also a terrific way to support one another by sending inspirational links or funny videos. Technology allows you to stay connected to family and can be there in case of emergencies.

During the Paris terrorist attacks of November 2015, Facebook activated a feature on the Facebook application called “Safety Check”. Safety Check, when activated in a certain area due to either a man-made or natural disaster allows users to post an update to notify their loved ones that they are safe during a crisis. This feature was created in 2011, during the Tokyo tsunami and nuclear disaster and has been updated and improved so that it is fully functional and user friendly. “This activation will change our policy around Safety Check and when we activate it for other serious and tragic incidents in the future. We want this tool to be available whenever and wherever it can help” (Facebook Safety, 2015), this statement made by Alex Schultz, Vice President of Grow and a valued member of the Facebook team show that this feature changes the way and the speed of communication of those in possible to danger to loved ones that may be worried or may be in danger themselves.

Social media and technology have made a significant impact on society and have changed the way we communicate with one another. Whether it be applying for a job online, skyping your grandparents in another country or checking into the Safety Check feature on Facebook, there is no doubt that technology has made the way we communicate faster, more efficient and easier than ever.


Facebook Safety. (2015, November 15) Introducing Safety Check.

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